The Great Outdoors in Portland, Oregon

For our two year anniversary, which is conveniently around the same time as a 3-day weekend (Memorial Day), we went to Portland, Oregon. I haven’t been there since I was a kid and have no recollection of it, but after watching Portlandia and sometimes acting out the episode about Colin the chicken in our San Francisco restaurants (to Andrew’s dismay), it felt like it was time.

Everyone says it rains like crazy there, and that may be true, but other than a little sprinkle at the end of our Tunnel Falls hike, it felt like paradise to me. All that supposed rain meant that Portland was stunning – lush and green and beautiful. And now that I’ve hiked there, I don’t want to hike anywhere else, not even here in California or New Zealand. It’s that beautiful!

We spent four days there and two of them were spent in the great outdoors. Right after we landed in the morning, we drove to Multnomah Falls and did the Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop Hike. I was so happy with all the waterfalls that I barely even noticed the elevation change – 1600 feet of it to be exact. With views like this, even I couldn’t complain. This is the hike you do for the journey and the destination.

Wahkeena Trail in Portland, Oregon

Fairy Falls in Portland, Oregon

Fairy Falls

Weisendanger Falls in Portland, Oregon

Weisendanger Falls

We did the loop so that we would end at Multnomah Falls, rather than starting there. It’s one of the most famous waterfalls in Oregon, and there were plenty of tourists milling about. But later in the day meant fewer tourists.

Multnomah Falls in Portland, Oregon

Multnomah Falls

Two days later, we hiked out to Tunnel Falls. Of course, Andrew had already done it before and had gone further on the hike when he was with his college friends, but I was happy enough to make it out to the waterfall. There’s not a lot to see or photograph on the way to the falls, but the hike is a lot easier, more rolling hills than climb straight up. This is the hike you do for the destination. When you get there, you can walk through the tunnel behind the waterfall. That was pretty cool.

Tunnel Falls in Portland, Oregon

Tunnel Falls

Within the city limits, and without the need for hiking shoes or athletic ability, there was Portland’s Rose Garden. It was a lovely place to stop by for a quick visit and view all the different varieties of roses.

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Rose Garden

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