Happy 10th Birthday, Fluffy Puppies!

Bianca & Sorcha turned 10! I can’t believe it was 10 years ago that we brought them home, two cottonballs that looked like polar bears and grew into enormous, well, polar bears. They spent their 10th birthday at our new home, and Teresa & Doug came up from Los Angeles to celebrate and keep them …

Happy 9th Birthday, Fluffy Puppies!

Today, the Fluffy Puppies turned nine. Every time I think about how old they’re getting, it makes me a little sad and I wonder why people learn to love things that will inevitably die before them. It doesn’t seem very rational but I guess these things aren’t meant to be rational. There’s a line from …

Fluffy Puppies Adore the Snow

The Fluffy Puppies, Bianca & Sorcha, love winter in Tahoe, particularly because they adore the snow. Even in their senior citizen years, they act like puppies as soon as their paws touch the white powder, playing and roughhousing, barking and digging. And although it’s a treat for them to jump around our balcony, they have …


It’s been a while since I posted a photo of the Fluffy Puppies. Here’s Bianca at her favorite place, Fort Funston. Ever since a dog was stabbed by the owner of a pitbull at Fort Funston, I don’t really want to take the dogs back there until justice has been served. I think the courts …

Sleeping Bee-auty

Such a precious puppy when she sleeps. It’s quiet and calm – no barking, no knocking people over, no trying to steal food from the kitchen table. For 10 minutes, all is quiet in the house.

My sister’s obsession

Teresa sure loves this dog…and unfortunately, Sorcha knows it.

Snowy Birthday

The Fluffy Puppies turned six on Sunday. For their birthday gift, they got a trip to Tahoe for a hike in the snow. They were totally in their element.

Just another weekend with the dogs…

Quick photos of Sorcha in the backyard at my parents’ house. She’s usually much more photogenic, but I guess she wasn’t in a cooperative mood.

My Best Models

The Fluffy Puppies, Bianca and Sorcha, are my best models. At 5 years old and 75 pounds each, they’re not puppies anymore. But everyone called them Fluffy Puppies when they were young and the name stuck. Now we’ll just consider it their stage name.