Happy 10th Birthday, Fluffy Puppies!

Bianca & Sorcha turned 10! I can’t believe it was 10 years ago that we brought them home, two cottonballs that looked like polar bears and grew into enormous, well, polar bears. They spent their 10th birthday at our new home, and Teresa & Doug came up from Los Angeles to celebrate and keep them company.

Sorcha enjoyed her mornings in the backyard, where she would sit still as a rock in her staring contest with the squirrel in the tree. She didn’t bark at all, but would just sit there. And the next day, she’d sit in the same exact place and stare at the tree and the squirrel would stare back.


Bianca preferred her window seat inside the house where she could lazily watch the world go by…the neighborhood watch dog. Eventually, she would tire of her duties and assume her woe-is-me position. This happened more frequently when she hurt her leg and was no longer allowed to accompany Sorcha on her walks.



To celebrate their birthday, Doug went to Sprinkles, the cupcake bakery and got made-for-human cupcakes as well as these made-for-doggies cupcakes. Andrew has asked that in the future, if we have dog food that looks at all like human food, it needs to be labeled as such.




Before they were allowed to eat their cupcakes, they had to pose for their birthday photos. They were rather annoyed by this but played along.







I had the best time having the puppies in our new home, but when Mom & Dad returned from their cruise, they demanded that the puppies go home with them. And the puppies were so happy when they saw Mom & Dad, it was as if we had tortured them with photo shoots instead of pampering them with doggie cupcakes.

Happy 10th Birthday, Bianca & Sorcha!

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  1. Omg beautiful. I miss them!! I remember them 10 yrs ago… Can’t believe it has been 10 yrs already… Happy birthday sweet polar bears… :) love the photos Sabrina! So talented my friend…

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