Spring Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, and my, what beautiful flowers they bring. One of the best parts of moving to a house in the suburbs is having a garden that surprises you with different flowers every week. And of course, having a gardener who knows what they’re doing because I certainly don’t. Now I constantly have flowers in the house, but it’s usually a hodge-podge of whatever is in bloom 15 minutes before guests arrive. The calla lilies were the first to arrive, followed by the cherry/plum blossoms and magnolias, then the garden roses (my fave), then hibiscus and now the hydrangeas and lavender. Check out Denise’s photos of some of my garden roses on her blogSpring Flowers Bouquet

Magnolia Flowers

Spring Flower Bouquet


Purple rose

Spring Flowers



Magnolia Flowers

Purple Spring Flowers

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