Happy Chinese New Year’s!

Chinese New Year’s is the most important holiday in our family and is typically celebrated on the night before with an elaborate dinner. There is usually barbecued pork, fish, chicken, a few veggie dishes, rice, soup, crab, clay pots, noodles and more. It is the fanciest meal of the year.

Relatives will stop by during the 15 days of the new year bringing candy, buns, and other food. Our Hong Kong relatives will usually call to wish us a Happy New Year. Children (defined as those not yet married) usually get red envelopes with money in it.

We don’t follow many of the traditions anymore, and instead have made up some of our own, like playing mahjong until the wee hours of the night. And unfortunately, the “children” don’t get red envelopes either, since being in our thirties and still single isn’t something that our parents think should be rewarded.



Based on the minute of my birth, my lucky element is Wood so the Year of the Tiger is supposed to be a very good year for me. I’m looking forward to it.┬áHope everyone has a fantastic Year of the Tiger.

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