Flower Study: Baby’s Breath

May’s flower study is a bit late (okay, really late) and there isn’t a great excuse for it. I chose baby’s breath for May because it reminds me of my wedding and we celebrated our first anniversary on May 28t.

Searching for baby’s breath is rather painful in a city with great florists. No one carries the flower that is commonly used as a filler. Even Whole Foods didn’t have it when I was looking for it, although Murphy’s Law dictated that they would have it the week after I took these photos.

Baby's Breath | Sabrina Ko Photography

In my quest to find baby’s breath¬†(gysophila), I found out that there are different kinds of baby’s breath. The ones pictures here are called Million Star baby’s breath. The flowers are smaller than the more common baby’s breath and they look like a million stars.

Baby's Breath | Sabrina KoThe second thing about baby’s breath that I learned came from my coworker:

Me: Does this smell funny to you?

Skye: It smells like baby’s breath.

Me: I know it’ baby’s breath…that’s why I bought it.

Skye: No, that’s why it’s called baby’s breath, because it smells like sour milk.

Ohhhhh, I get it now. By the way, not all baby’s breath (the flower) smells. The ones at my wedding did not smell and there was so much of it that if it did smell, the odor would have been overwhelming.

Baby's Breath | Sabrina KoI don’t care that people consider this flower clich√©. It reminds me of my Fluffy Puppies…both are puffs of white. Of course, my puppies don’t smell as bad as these flowers. I love that they are rustic and not at all pretentious-looking.

Baby's Breath | Sabrina Ko



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3 thoughts

  1. What kind of baby’s breath did you have at your wedding? I want to use a lot of it, but do not want the kind that smells bad.

  2. Hi Dawn, I don’t actually know what kind of baby’s breath was used at my wedding. My florist, Teresa Sena, took care of those details. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it probably wouldn’t matter if you used the more smelly baby’s breath. I find that the kind I get from the supermarket, like Whole Foods, doesn’t have any smell. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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